Welcome to The Morgan Clark Foundation

In 2009, the school in the Gambian village of Jarjari was washed away. Just two years later, 270 children were going to school in a wonderful, purpose-built and substantial building with four classrooms. Now there are six classrooms, over 300 children, 10 teachers plus a head teacher, seven support staff; there are great academic results and a strong football team.

This is the extraordinary background to the Morgan Clark Foundation and the building of the new Jarjari School in The Gambia. It’s a story of chance meetings, visionary leadership, huge generosity and new friendships, which all led to giving the children of Jarjari an opportunity to change their lives.

The project is now moving on even further. Through the building of the Morgan Kunda Lodge, a multi-purpose visitors’ centre, the Foundation is enabling villagers to generate income. It is becoming a business centre for the region, to train young people; it’s being used by the government and NGOs for conferences, to pass on vital knowledge on healthcare and nutrition; and it will be used as a tourist centre for people travelling on the north bank of the river. Funds generated will go back into the school to ensure it continues its fantastic work in educating the children of the region.

Read about the launch of the Phil Secka fund to provide much-needed emergency medical transport.

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